Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Four Minus One

That is our equation this week. I (Holly) am house-sitting this week... so, sadly, I am not living in the apartment. It is a sad reality to wake up to a fuzzy little muzzle rather then the smiling faces of my roommates! But of course, peace and quiet is good for the soul. Over here in Wheaton land (not on campus land) I have spent a lot of time with el perro and lots of time listening to music and studying. It's so much easier to focus! (I say that and I just spent an hour surfing the intra-net... oops).

Anyway, I took el perro for a little run to the park yesterday to get some fresh air, exercise and entertainment. As a border collie, this pup has A LOT of energy. So, after a couple miles and lots and lots of ball-throws, we came home. I have definitely spent all of my life NOT being a "dog-person"... but, I will admit it's kind of nice to have a little companion around. The fur and slobber might outweigh the positive though. He comes outside with me in the morning to hang out with Jesus, he follows me all around the house and plants himself at my feet, it's kind of cute, I guess :)!

On another note... I talked to my Dad the other day (Hi, Papa M!) and he challenged me and my apartment mates to make a list of 100 things we are thankful for. Stay tuned for that here in a couple posts. I have to think before posting that!

Off I am to finish reading Plato's Phaedo for some Philosophical edu-ma-cation.
Happy Tuesday!

Here is another little snippet into our year last year. This is Anna, Haley and I in a tree on the first snow-day Wheaton has had in over 50 years! SO fun! 

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