Monday, September 5, 2011

Yogli Mogli

Hello blogging world- Haley here!  This is my first time posting on a blog EVER, so I'm pretty excited, but I feel kind of foolish at the same time.  Who am I even talking to when I write this?  I guess my mom, seeing as how she's the ONLY person currently following us.  That's okay though because she's awesome.  Hi Mom! :)  So, there really is no point to this...I just wanted to add a little spice to our page/profile/blog...I don't really even know what it's called.  I guess I'll take this time to sneak in a little promotion for Yogli Mogli, a new froyo place in Wheaton.  It's super good. Like having-your-roommate-crack-your-back good.  I speak from experience.  So good.  We will be adding pictures and other exciting things to our blog in the near future to make it a little more interesting, so stay tuned!  It's time for this mothalicka to hit the sack, though.  Good night moon.  Good night Wheaton.  By the way, the picture has nothing to do with this either...just wanted to put some faces to the names :) (Left to right- Me (Haley), Holly, Anna)

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  1. Hi girls, I am truly a faithful follower. :) I'm sure soon your readership will grow and you will become infamous, you know "IN famous?" Love you Hales!