Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome to the Sick House.

(Holly here... I'm on "isolation" today until my antibiotics kick in... hence why I have time to blog in the middle of the day.)

Hello blogging world.

Well, as is obvious by the title... our little a-typical apartment has some yucky-germs spreading like wild fire.

First, poor Anna came back from HoneyRock this summer with Pertussis. [100 day cough... still going strong :(.]
Then, Haley got some nasaly-congestion-ish beaut...
And then, Holly dropped with strep-throat...
Followed by Ally and her new found cold/congestion.

Sickness is sick, you know. It's like those little blobs with faces from TV commercials are sneaking all around our apartment dropping little drips of disease on every light switch and door handle we have! Those little rascals.

That is to say, we have made some yummy smoothies lately... because half of us can't swallow and those of us that can can't taste unless it is ROBUST flavors running over those taste buds... last night was the best one:

- Banana
- Raspberries
- Peanut Butter
- Chocolate Chips
- Vanilla Fro-yo
- Vanilla Milk

= SO GOOD --- highly recommended... sick or not sick!

Anyway, I hope you all have wonderfully restful weekends.... We will (hopefully) be out enjoying the beautiful weather before mother nature smacks us in the face with the freezing winter!

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