Monday, November 14, 2011

Catch up.

(Holly here)
Well, oops. Out of the four of us, we have definitely failed at blogging this past month+. Sorry about that, 5 people who actually read this thing :)!

Well, over the past month A LOT of homework has happened... as well as some fun stuff thrown in there. Two of those "fun" things include sticks and hair.

I donated my hair about 2 years ago to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and have been talking about doing it again... I mean really, people. When your hair gets stuck under your arm pits and in your elbows, it's time. So, we were talking about the possibility of doing it right before Christmas break but me being me was feeling spontaneous so I chimed in and said "Let's do it right now."

So, once we figured out that Great Clips was open for a while longer, we got the pony tails, ruler and scissors and went to work.

We kind of had a funky measuring job and ended up clipping a wee bit more than the required 8 inches.... but that's okay. Because a woman who has had to endure the process of cancer and treatment will get to have longer hair from the process. 

There they are... two pony tails in all their glory... all 10+ inches of them! 
(I look thrilled, right? This was right after I realized how much it actually was!!!) 

Our SECOND little project-o that involves STICKS was inspired by Pinterest (if you haven't found it yet, be careful... it's addicting!). We have been brain storming about what we could use to display what we were thankful for for quite a while. And finally, we saw something on pinterest that we loved. 

Behold, the Thankful Tree. 

We took a little nature-walk... collected sticks and rocks and then made a little fake tree out of it :)... we bought some fall colored paper and had hemp-twine to make little leaves and write what we are thankful for! 

Isn't it fun? Currently we are only thankful for each other..... but, that will change once we all start our creative juices a flowin'. 

What are you thankful for? We'd love to hear... and we can add it to our thankful tree in your honor! 

Happy November, Blogging-World! <3 The A-typical Apartment. 

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